3-D viewer of air-quality data V0.3

The goal is to create a 3-D view of air-quality data (PM10) acquired at time intervals from multiple sensors positioned in an area to have a clear view of the dynamics of this variable over time and space.

Sensors are connected as a Triangular Irregular Network to cover the area of interest and data is represented geometrically and colour-wise with high and low values easily recognizable. Areas affected by a potential risk for health are quickly discernable.


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- Jar file is downloadable


- Bug fixed on JNLP


- New Version 0.3 is online! Proceed to Demo page
- Version 0.3 integrates a new triangulation package, more efficient and fast.
- New gradient-color map, based on graphic interpolator.
- User can choose the grid size for a more precise analysis.
- New user-friendly panel.

Version 0.3


- Version 0.2 is online. Bug fixed on days navigator.
- Java Web Start Demo is available. Proceed to Demo page