Solar Irradiance Calculator V0.35



Solar Irradiance Calculator Version 0.35 is online

  • Algorithm's bug has been fixed
  • Cloud coverage expressed in Okta

Solar Irradiance Calculator Version 0.32 is online


Solar Irradiance Calculator Version 0.32 is online

  • Fixed a bug on sun's image position algorithm
  • Time-zone is automatically calculated
  • Added a rotation matrix for the buildings
  • Add right click to delete a building
  • Added aspect tool
  • Added clear scenario button
  • Added clear buildings button


The module estimates the spatial distribution of irradiance value (W/mq) in a specific area that has elements of complexity, e.g. inhomogeneous morphology of the terrain, buildings, vegetation. The input elements are the terrain surface and building models which can be added by the user via a specific user interface. The module surveys the earth surface and creates three representations of irradiance: (i) on bare ground, (ii) on roofs and (iii) on both. These analytical surfaces are calculated using a model which considers the angle of incidence, atmospheric factors, and other items that are entered at the user level.

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